Speech & Language

A child with a language deficit my be mislabeled as “lazy” “not applying himself,” “a late bloomer,” or one who “doesn’t listen.” Often, this is the farthest thing from the truth as students with language difficulties work harder than their peers just to try to make it in academic environment.

Does your child...

  • Have difficulty following directions?
  • Confuse similar sounding words?
  • Need lots of repetition to learn vocabulary and new concepts
  • Appear to be listening but not remember what was said?
  • Have problems learning & retaining new information?
  • Frequently say “I don’t know” or “I forgot?”
  • Have difficulty putting words together?
  • Often or sometimes have trouble being understood by others?
  • Seem socially awkward?
  • Have problems understanding ambiguous or figurative language?
  • Try to explain things but can’t find the words she wants to say?
  • Struggle with identifying the main idea, being succinct, & recognizing what is relevant to the conversation?
  • Have trouble responding quickly to questions?

Whether it’s difficulty with articulation, oral motor skills, language comprehension,  and/or expression, we at Neurotech Solutions help students to understand what they hear, express themselves clearly, and communicate successfully with others.