Executive Function

At Neurotech Solutions,

we often combine brain plasticity approaches as we address  executive function skills such as getting started (no more procrastination or last minute requests for materials needed), maintaining and shifting focus, and  regulating alertness, effort and processing speed.

Learning how to manage frustration and discovering what works, what doesn’t, and brainstorming options is a part of our Getting it Together programming. Knowing when to “put the brakes on” and think before acting is emphasized  when  needed.

Memory and note taking strategies are taught and practiced. Our students learn various methods to monitor their work real time as well as reflecting on the process after the task has been completed. Our positive, thoughtful approach also includes teaching foresight, goal setting, and tapping into past experiences (hindsight) to guide future thinking. Mistakes are ok. They are opportunities to learn!

Elementary school children in a classroom