Auditory Processing

Auditory processing is what you do with what you hear. Perceiving sounds must be quick and accurate. Otherwise, one will  wonder did she say….?

  • Go pat your toys or pack your toys
  • Get the saws out of the pantry or sauce out
  • Ask Dale to help or Gail to help

Many students who have auditory processing and/or language problems:

  • Are bright and motivated to learn

but seem to hit a brick wall in school

  • Don’t appear to make much progress

although they work so hard

Have so much potential

  • but how do we unlock it?

What are the signs that my child may have an auditory processing and/or language problem?

  • Misunderstands what you say
  • Needs information repeated
  • Trouble following oral directions
  • Responses are slow or delayed
  • Uses few descriptive words when speaking
  • Difficultly with ambiguous language, idioms, or jokes
  • Phonics, reading, and spelling are hard
  • Unexplained behavior problems
  • Reluctant to engage in conversation
  • Trouble reconstructing a story in the appropriate order
  • Has been called “lazy,” “a late bloomer,” “just not applying himself,” “he’s just a boy,” or “just doesn’t listen”
Cute small girl at elementary school, classroom view

Students who have auditory and/or language processing problems work harder than anyone! A child doesn’t wake up in the morning and decide not to do well in school!

The good news is, we at Neurotech Solutions stay current on peer-reviewed scientific research as to how the brain learns, how the brain learns to read, and what to do about it!

It takes thoughtful interpretation of evaluation results, review of your child’s early learning and educational history, your input, how hard your child  works to comprehend language and communicate, understanding of your child’s strengths and weaknesses, and insight as to what might be getting in the way of your student’s ability to communicate effectively and experience success in the classroom.

At Neurotech Solutions, we meet you where you are and provide options as to how to proceed. You breathe a sigh of relief and a solution is in sight!