Dyslexia: What Should I Look For?

With our understanding of how the brain learns and learns to read, we at Neurotech  Solutions can help!

Auditory Processing: The Gateway to the World

Dr. Michael Merzenich, recipient of the 2015 Kavli Nobel Prize in Neuroscience, said it so well.

Speech and Language: We’re Meant to be Heard!

Some children have difficulty developing their sound systems, while others have difficulty expressing their ideas and interacting socially. Following oral directions, understanding questions, and learning new concepts may be a challenge.

Attention Matters!

Numerous researchers have shown us that the ability to attend begins early in life and is a vital part of our capacity to learn, concentrate, think, interact with others, and master basic academic as well as athletic skills.

Mathletics At Neurotech Solutions

Helping students think and reason with numbers… can be fun!

Executive Function: Getting It Together!

Getting it Together is not a generic program but a highly specialized, creative process during which your student is an active participant in discovering tools, strategies, and approaches that best meet their needs.

Social Communication: The Rules of the Game

Some of us easily interact with others  and some of us watch and learn how to communicate in social situations. Others just don’t pick up the cues of what to say, when to say it, and what others are thinking. It can be hard to be in sync with others and enjoy interacting.

The Safe and Sound Protocol

The Safe and Sound Protocol is a brief therapeutic intervention designed to regulate one’s physiological and emotional state to enhance one’s ability to process human speech and improve social communication skills. The Safe and Sound Protocol is designed to:

  • Reduce auditory sensitivity
  • Decrease stress which may lead to fight, flight, or immobilization (often misunderstood as “bad behavior”)
  • Calm the physiological add behavioral state to allow one to be able to access learning, interact, and communicate successfully.