What is Brain Plasticity and Why Is it So Important?

The goal is not a quick fix, it is lasting change.

Our current knowledge of brain plasticity has dramatically changed our approach to intervention. We don’t have to put a band-aid on the problem or learn how to live with it, we can address the fundamental cause of our difficulty and make the changes necessary to catch up and move forward. It’s not about meeting our potential and stopping there but more about discovering what we can do and are capable of accomplishing.

Whenever we learn something new,  our brain re-organizes. Nerve cells in the brain form connections with each other to form neuronal pathways. Just as Michael Jordan and Steph Curry have practiced shooting the basketball into the hoop thousands upon thousands of times, they automatically make the shot without thinking about every step needed to get the ball in the hoop.

Thousands of accurate practices make skills automatic, such as eating with a spoon or riding a bike. We may not be Michael Jordan or Steph Curry, but we can work at skills to improve our brains as these super stars have.

With specific, accurate practice (thousands of trials in a relatively short period of time), we can make these connections in our brains stronger, like superhighways. Information is quickly interpreted, skills are mastered, and what we have learned becomes automatic. Just like eating with a spoon!

At Neurotech Solutions, our goal is for you to have options for achieving your goals, not limitations.  Our brain plasticity options may be used in conjunction with traditional therapy or academic instruction or as a precisely chosen plan of action developed to meet your unique needs.

Brain plasticity training is long lasting and can be life-changing if the programming is well understood and protocols developed  for  you or your child are implemented with fidelity. Experience, understanding the research behind the programming, and choosing evidence-based programming is key. Not all programs “based on neuroscience” are the same and not all practitioners offer the depth of knowledge needed to help you choose what is the best solution for you.