How Does The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) Work?

Based upon the brilliant research of Dr. Stephen Porges and his collaboration with the distinguished team at Integrated Listening Systems, the Safe and Sound Protocol is a specifically designed, therapeutic tool that uses acoustically engineered music to soothe and create a calmer internal state. Specifically trained in this therapeutic intervention, Ms. Cohen works with clients who have auditory sensitivities, social/communication difficulties, and/or problems regulating their emotional  and/or behavioral state.

Our internal state fluctuates from situation to situation, as it should. We see, we hear, we touch, we move… we use all of our senses and, at the same time, our autonomic nervous system keeps our bodies operating, without our even thinking about it.

Boy listening music on sofa

The SSP may be the foundation that one needs to gain optimal benefits from all therapeutic and academic endeavors.

However, if one is constantly hypervigilant or on “high alert,” hypersensitive to noise, and/or overwhelmed by too much information, one might go into to a very dysregulated  state.  When this occurs, the “thinking part of the brain” is not engaged and the brain becomes more “reactive.” This protective mode often is called fight, flight, or immobilization. One may experience intense emotions, become impulsive, shift into more rigid thinking, and not be able to consider another point of view. Sometimes it is not even possible to express how one feels!

We at Neurotech Solutions are very proud to offer the Safe and Sound Protocol as a therapeutic tool that allows an individual to soothe one’s internal state as needed and experience a sense of security. Whether the goal is to meaningfully participate in the classroom or in the boardroom, one must be in calm, restful state to communicate effectively and interact successfully.