Child, Adolescent, & Adult Evaluations

  • Auditory processing
  • Reading rate, decoding, fluency, & comprehension
  • Working memory
  • Following directions
  • Language comprehension & organization
  • Vocabulary & word retrieval
  • Academic concepts
  • Verbal & written language
  • Attention & focus
  • Executive function
  • Speech & oral motor skills
  • Social skills
  • Math concepts, computation, & problem solving


Child, Adolescent, & Adult Solutions

Speech-Language Therapy

  • Auditory processing
  • Listening comprehension
  • Oral & written language
  • Social skills
  • Articulation & oral motor

Getting It Together for Executive Function

  • Attention / Focus / Memory
  • Organization
  • Getting started & time management
  • Motivation

Moving Beyond Academic Instruction

  • Early learning
  • Foundational & advanced reading & math

Social Skills

  • Communication basics
  • Conversation
  • Hidden rules & nonverbal language

Individualized Brain Plasticity Programming

  • Quicker thinking & sharper memory
  • Word finding
  • Attention & concentration
  • Efficient organization
  • Task initiation & completion

Brain Plasticity: Changing the Brain at Any Age

 Fast ForWord

Auditory Processing & Listening Skills

  • Quicker thinking & response time
  • Following directions
  • Working memory
  • Language comprehension

Foundational & Advanced Reading

  • Rate, decoding, fluency, comprehension
  • Vocabulary, spelling, grammar

Interactive Metronome

  • Attention, focus, & memory
  • Executive function
  • Processing speed
  • Coordination & sports training

Safe &  Sound Protocol & Integrated Listening Program - Pro

  • Regulate emotional & physiological state (fight, flight, or mobilize)
  • Auditory sensitivity
  • Social engagement
  • Receptive & expressive language
  • Multi-Sensory Input

Concierge Services


Whether it's around the corner or across the globe, Ms. Cohen offers a complimentary consultation as well as specifically-tailored video or teleconference consultative services that are customizable to meet your needs.


Telehealth is a great way to work with Ms. Cohen in the convenience of your home or office.

Professional Mentoring

Whether you need professional advice, a sounding board, another perspective, or therapeutic of career recommendations, having a professional mentor is an excellent way to help you continue to learn & grow as you advance in your career.

Professional Training & Parent Programming

Ms. Cohen provides presentations to professionals & parents whether it be in the academic environment, at support group meetings, or at local national forums.

Academic and Brain Plasticity Program Development, Staff Training, & Program Mentoring are offered as well.

Casual girl listening music with headphones and searching songs in a laptop sitting on a bench in the street


Why spend time traveling and fighting traffic? Why let your location get in the way of getting what you need?

Specific types of programming are easily offered via Telehealth HIPPA-compliant concierge services.

Whether you are miles away or just around the corner, Telehealth may be an excellent option for you!

Professional and Parent Programming

During her 39 years of practicing, Ms. Cohen incorporated knowledge from the fields of Neuroscience, Language, Psychology, Speech, and Education to offer comprehensive approaches to accelerated learning.

As an invited member if the prestigious Society for Neuroscience, guest lecturer conducting more than 40 state and national presentations and workshops, Co-author of one of the first training guides for Speech-Language Pathologists, recipient of the Scientific Learning Leadership Award, and television appearances to showcase innovative programming, Ms. Cohen has the expertise to help.

We at Neurotech Solutions are ready to share our insight and extensive knowledge of language development, auditory processing, reading acquisition, early and residual apraxia, executive functioning, dyslexia, written expression, and brain plasticity across the lifespan!