It’s a relief when you have a specific plan to address the fundamental problem.

At Neurotech Solutions, we ask the right questions, listen carefully, & begin  the process of finding the right answers.

The goal is not to just assess skills. The goal is to find the solution.

Comprehensive, carefully constructed evaluations, along with Ms. Cohen’s insight & expertise, help provide clarity as to the underlying cause of one’s difficulty.

Once we know the why, then we know how to move forward.



Not one size fits all. Ms. Cohen designs programs to fit each unique individual's needs.

Whether it is to build foundational literacy & math skills, think quickly & speak effectively, close the gap between academic performance & potential, improve socialization, or fine tune skills to get ahead, we are here to help.

We don't just put a band-aid on the problem, we provide solution-based approaches that help individuals of all ages develop the skills needed to pave the way for success.


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Brain Plasticity Programming

We understand how the brain learns and use evidence-based technology to target the root cause of one’s difficulty. We help individuals establish new brain pathways so learning becomes much  easier and success is within reach.

Some students need help filling in foundational skills that enable them to close the gap between intellect and academic performance. Other students do well in school until academic requirements increase. Young adults may find college a bit too much to handle or adults may need assistance in advancing their careers. Executives or sports enthusiasts may want to sharpen their skills.

Our goal at Neurotech Solutions is to find the right path that will open the door to learning, expedite improvement, and provide lasting results.

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Fast ForWord

Fast ForWord was created by renowned neuroscientists to permanently improve brain processing speed to improve auditory processing, reading, and make all learning easier.

Fast ForWord is the only program that continually adapts to each learner’s ability.  By utilizing sophisticated built-in algorithms, we make sure that every trial adjusts to each learner’s needs, keeping participants successful 80% of the time. Fast ForWord cannot be compared with other brain plasticity programs that indicate they work on the same skill. Other programs provide levels but become quite frustrating for many learners as the exercises do not adapt to the student moment by moment nor do they target the root cause of the student’s challenges as Fast ForWord does.

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Interactive Metronome is one of our solutions that increases precise brain timing critical for accurate communication in the brain’s network. Interactive Metronome allows us to:

  • Focus and sustain our attention, process language, improve fluency (stuttering), and increase our athletic capability.
  • Timing is critical to successful executive function and particularly helpful with test taking (for elementary, middle, and high school students as well as those taking college entrance exams and individuals working on career advancement).

Integrated Listening Systems - Focus and Pro is a multi-sensory program that we use during to accelerate language and learning by incorporating auditory, balance, and movement activities to:

  • Improve cognitive, language, and social abilities
  • Assist with sensory processing
  • Help those who have suffered a mild brain injury, concussion, or stroke
  • Improve cognitive efficiency

Since 1993

Mindy Cohen, M.Ed., CCC-SLP

Ms. Cohen believes that we should not set boundaries as to one’s capabilities. Given what we know about how the brain learns and changes, we don’t know what we can achieve until we try. Possibilities should be limitless.

We, at Neurotech Solutions, look at each person through an open-minded lens. Each personal is unique and deserves the chance to continually learn, grow, and develop, no matter the age. Dedicated to understanding what interferes with an individual’s progress toward meeting one’s goals, Ms. Cohen uses carefully designed assessment and programming to find solutions for those who have auditory processing, dyslexia, language, speech, social, memory, attention, and academic difficulties.

Leading the way, discovering potential, and changing lives.